AKSWINPOSTINIT — AKS Windows node post provisioning initialization


This is a tool that provides one-time powershell script initilization for Windows node.

  1. Block scheduling using taint before initialization finished.
  2. Optional reboot.
  3. Customizable powershell script for initialization via runcommand.

Controller Installation

See deploy_example.yaml for how to configure a yaml installation

As a command line tool

Prepare environment

Dev and command line environment can be prepared with below steps given a full git repository and Internet access.

virtuanenv env
source env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
python -m akswinpostinit --version

Run controller in command line

The controller can be run in command line given:

  1. The kubectl context is properly configured in kubeconfig.
  2. azure-cli login is done and can operate on the target virtual machines

To run the controller:

python -m akswinpostinit --subscription <sub-of-cluster> -v


Cleanup is also provided as a part of the script, to remove all annotation, taint and condition from nodes. It can be used to remove previous state in situation such as when a re-run is needed.

To clean up, first stop the controller, then:

python -m akswinpostinit --cleanup


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