All action icons for each class/job are blended together to create new backgrounds for each job/class icon!

I used python to connect to xivapi to download all class and job icons as well as all the action icons for each job or class. From there, I used the python pillow library to blend each job’s respective actions together.

These blended backgrounds are in icons_blended_hd/actions_only (low res versions exist in icons_blended/actions_only).

I also overlayed each class or job’s icon ontop of the blended background. These can be found at icons_blended_hd/actions_only_w_overlay.

You can also just download all of these images by downloading the zip file, icons_blended.zip (low resolution) or icons_blended_hd (high resolution).

More Details

  • Blended icons do not include role actions, traits, or deprecated actions/traits
  • Blends are done by taking the average RGB values at each pixel across all actions
  • If a job has a parent class (e.g. WHM/CNJ), both the job’s and parent class’s actions are all used for the final blended icon.

Future Work

  • Would be cool to blend action icons weighted by frequency of use (could get this data from FFLogs, perhaps)


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