All in one ddos tool . ddos attacks methods
example tcp/udp/http/httpproxyflood and more ..


note: please only use this tool for education purposes , dont misuse this tool if you will misuse the owner of tool will not responsible


bane module credit goes to ala
you can find bane module here
bane ->> https://github.com/AlaBouali/bane

Special Thanks

Thanks to my friend s0u1 for promoting my tool
follow s0u1 at github ->> https://github.com/HLoTW


Here bane module is required if it is not installed this tool will install automatically …

Termux Users

For Termux User i have created a script setup.py
1 ) pkg install git # git must be installed in termux to git clone the repo

2 ) pkg install python # to install python and it will install pip3 automatically pip or pip3
package comes with python

3 ) git clone https://github.com/d4rkconsole/d4rk_ddos

4 ) cd d4rk_ddos

and then finally run the setup.py file to install necessary module

run script with command : ./setup.py

and It will Install all necessary module for you like pyfiglet and colorama

than you can run my script . enjoy android termux Users ?


->> This tool can Run in both operating system windows also and linux also bane module can run
in both os windows and linux but python must be installed on windows ..


here run this script with command python3 d4rk_ddos.py or ./d4rk_ddos.py both will work .
enjoy ?


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