All in one Search Engine Scrapper for used by API or Python Module. It's Free & Lightweight!

Senginta is All in one Search Engine Scrapper. With traditional scrapping, Senginta can be powerful to get result from any Search Engine, and convert to Json. Now support only for Google Product Search Engine (GShop, GVideo and many too) and Baidu Search Engine.

Senginta was originally developed by me alone. So, if you want to contribute for support another search engine, let's fork this Repository.

Senginta provides beta Python.


$ pip install senginta

To update senginta to the latest version, add --upgrade flag to the above commands.

Try your first Senginta program

$ python

>>> from senginta.static.Google import GSearch
>>> search_spider = GSearch('study from home')
>>> print(search_spider.to_json())
Json Formatting
>>> search_spider.get_all()