This an API which has been put in place just to make you order for books, upload books with price, image and all, pay and automtically download books


To install required packages, all you need to do is quite simple as long as you have pip. There’s a requirements.txt file in the root directory so run pip install -r requirements.txt to have them installed. Ive filtered some packages you won’t need but couldn’t help it all


To register, send this as post request

    "username": "BloggeR",
    "password": "Tobsanifedip2468",
    "email": "[email protected]",
     "country": "Isla Sala y Gómez",
    "name": "Your daddy's sister"

Use your informations to login which will automatically redirect you to your profile.

Add a book with

    "name": "Wuthering Heights",
    "price": "4000",
    "text": "It all started with bro Heathcliff and Earnshaw",
    "image": "test.jpeg"

The major links of the api can be found in the home


Firstly, startup your ngrok server. If you dont’t know how to do so, head over here for proper tutorial. After yve gotten your tunnel link, head on to your flutterwave dashboard and insert it to your Webhook under your settingsScreenshot 2021-10-14 at 8 12 44 AM

After that, insert the link into your ALLOWED_HOST in your file and your orders app redirect_url above the flutterwave endpoint for your charges transaction. Also go back to your flutterwave dashboard and copy your test api secret key and put it in your orders app .env file.

Order a book with and pay with a dummy card


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