altb is a cli utility influenced by update-alternatives of ubuntu.
Linked paths are added to $HOME/.local/bin according to XDG Base Directory Specification

How to start?


pipx install altb

to track new binary use:

altb track <app_name>@<app_tag> /path/to/binary

for example:

altb track [email protected] /bin/python2.7
altb track [email protected] /bin/python3.8
# altb track python ~/Downloads/python # will also work and generate a new hash for it

List all tracked versions:

$ altb list -a
|----   2.7 - /bin/python2.7
|----   3.8 - /bin/python3.8

Use specific version:

altb use <app_name>[@<app_tag>]


altb use [email protected]

this will link the tracked path to ~/.local/bin/<app_name> in this case - ~/.local/bin/python

GitHub - IamShobe/altb at
alternative cli util for update-alternatives. Contribute to IamShobe/altb development by creating an account on GitHub.