AltServer-Linux Script python edition

AltServer from

Special thanks to NyaMisty for AltServer-Linux project

About the script

It’s just a simple script to make the operation of AltServer-Linux more easier with cli,now inclides features below

For ShellScript edition,you can get from AltServer-Linux-ShellScript


  • account saving
  • enter number to select and use saved account
  • enter number to select ipa
  • only need one command to use the script python3
  • Daemon mode will start automatically after device connected and press Enter
  • Update option and update notification


AltServer for Linux is from NyaMisty,so you should thank to NyaMisty more ,also for any question to AltServer-Linux,you should ask or crate issue in rather than this repository,I just providing scripts to make the operation more easier.


Just run python3 and follow the instruction

Not work on every linux distribution and architectures,report issues to issues

Get start

Get the release which support your device architecture

You need idevicemobile

apt setup dependencies

sudo apt-get install usbmuxd libimobiledevice6 libimobiledevice-utils
sudo apt-get install wget curl

Please storage your ipa files into AltServer/ipa

run python3 to start