Among Us Editor Remake

Among Us Editor written in Python, for newer versions of the game.


GUI Code by Vresod

Data dumping and some GUI code by EnbyCosmog

Initial ID dump by Sharedlines

PySimpleGUI by Mike / the PySimpleGUI team

The original Among Us Editor by Koupah

Thanks to the people of the Reactor discord server for helping me decompile the game to get indexes. Seriously appreciated, this project would be majorly unfinished without you.

Really, massive thanks to EnbyCosmog for not only dumping *all* of the IDs but manually transcribing all of the in-game names as well. Seriously; how could you possibly be cooler than that?

How do I use it?

Navigate to the directory and use python or run the build.bat file to build an executable.

For more assistance, join We can help!


Some components of this project may seem appealing to use in your own. Go ahead! You’re not legally entitled to support though. Also some of the contributors (specificaly for would probably appreciate credit, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


The logo is licensed under the CC0 license. Feel free to use it wherever.


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