Blender Clipboard to Scene

It doesn’t work with version 2.93 and higher
(I tested it on 2.91 and 2.83)
There is an issue with importing the Pillow module

What does this do:

It makes it very easy for you to import images from clipboard by making a folder next to your blend file and adding the images that you would like to add to it
There is also an option to delete the folder

How to Install:

  1. Add PIL or pillow to your Blender folder here: C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender 2.91\2.91\python\lib or in \scripts\modules
  2. go to Edit-> Prefrences -> Add-ons and click install then select the add file
  3. enable the add on
  4. well, first you need to download all of those things

How to Use this:

::in order to use this add-on you need to enable blenders built in Import Images as Planes add-on first::
location to this add on is View3D > Sidebar > Add_Image panel
this will save all images added to the scene next to your blend file so make sure to save your blend file

Screen Shots:

panel location


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