Data-FX is an addon for Blender (2.9) that allows for the visualization of data with different charts

Currently, there are only 2 chart options...

  • A Scatter plot which plots up to 3 values in 3d space
  • And a "Map plot" that visualizes points on a sphere when given longitudes and latitudes

Below are some examples




How To

Data-FX is located in the View3D sidebar (N -> DataFX)


Simply select the headers from your csv file, edit your settings, and hit generate!

Notable Features

  • Custom duplicate objects (Scatter Plot)
  • Auto axis markers (Scatter Plot)
  • Auto populating .csv header selection (Scatter Plot, Map Plot)
  • Support of Geographic coordinate data (Map Plot)

Planed Features

  • More chart types
  • More supported data types
  • Various chart loading optimizations
  • Global chart menu