An Advance Discord Generator Written in python It can generate nearly fully verified tokens


  • put server invite code inside ( invitecode = “”) so that the accounts will join the server after creation
  • add proxies inside “all://”: “http://username:[email protected]:port” or “all://”: “http://ip:port” depending on your proxies authentication


Run Install.bat and waiting!

How to Run

python main.pyw


Where can i found my generated accounts?

It is located in the output folder. Open up login.txt to see the accounts that has been generated.

Why Release this?

The reason i released this is because literally everyone is now skidding and opening their token shop i want discord to patch this and make security changes as that will make those skids go away as they can’t really code lmfao


Found a bug? Join the discord and contact developer or create an issue about it directly in here!


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