🖱️ An Advanced, Free and Cool Minecraft AutoClicker – https://clicker.best

Made with passion by Goldy.



  • Left and Right Clicker
  • Undetectable Randomization
  • Only When Focused
  • Break Blocks
  • RMB-Lock
  • BlockHit
  • Shake Effect (JitterClick)
  • Click Sounds
  • Work in Menus Check
  • Auto Save Settings
  • Always On Top Option
  • Discord Rich Presence

To Do List

  • Nothing for the moment, if you have a suggestion don’t hesitate to join our Discord and propose it! (https://clicker.best)


You can either use the compiled version (.exe) in releases section or use the Python version by downloading the dependencies in the requirements.txt file first (+the pytransform folder must be in the same folder as the Python clicker).


kClicker is a project I developed for fun after years of using clickers that didn’t have all the features I wanted. I know it’s not perfect but I tried to do my best and the main goal was to have my own clicker where I can modify what I want!

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