An Albion online fishing bot

Discord Server for support and help with this bot!

Fisherman is a free open source fishing bot written in python.


  1. Customizable
  2. Open Source
  3. Auto-Catch
  4. Multiple Fishing Spots
  5. Fully external
  6. Works on any screen size
  7. Extremely optimal fish catching
  8. Uses MSS and OpenCV for effiecent object detection


How To Use:

If you aren't using a realtek driver you will have to install VB Audio Cable. Sound has to be ran through VB Audio Cable or Stereo Mix. They will have to be set as default devices.

Multiple Audio sources will confuse the bot so turn down game music and turn off sounds for everything except albion.

The Bot will attempt a catch when the audio threshold goes over. This is an adjustable value.

You may have to adjust the area where the bot scans for the minigame. This is simple to do.

Use 'Select Tracking Zone' to select the approximate area show in this image

alt text

Also make sure to read through the script itself! There are comments explaining things in there