What is whython?

An almost fully customizable language made in python!

Whython is a project language, the idea of it is that anyone can download and edit the language to make it suitable to what they want. This could be a change that makes it more like a language they know; a change that makes it easier for new people to learn the language; or even a change that makes it into a shitpost, it doesn't matter. You have the control!

How to run

  1. Download whython
  2. Run shell.py
  3. Have fun!

What can whython do?

At the point of writing this (the first main push) you can change anything in the
file editable.py. This means you can change all the
keywords (except = - / * ^) and all the builtin function names.


For example, you may not like creating a variable like this:

var x = 10

and so you can change KEYWORDS_DICT["var"] to "let" and create a variable like this:

let x = 10




If you want to be super quirky you can even use emojis in the KEYWORDS_DICT and make
some horrible emoji language!

Builtin functions

You may hate calling print like this:

print("Hello, World!")

and so you can change the global_symbol_table to be "shout" and print like this:

shout("Hello, World!")





Sometimes it can be annoying typing out:

var x = 10

so you may want this:

x = 10

To do this change:





There are a couple of builtin function that have not been created yet, this will be
done in the future.

  • [ ] to_str
  • [ ] to_int

What are the plans?

I am planning to allow more control, for example a way to change all grammar rules
and also easily add builtins (right now its kind of tedious).

How can I contribute?

Either create a request on GitHub or message me on discord Nexin#0001 to ask for
new features.


This project was meant to be something small to learn about how languages run, but
now it's a little more than that. I was originally following codepulse's
tutorial on YouTube but have since change a lot of the grammar rules and made
it easier to debug.