Gesture Controlled Video Game

This project is an amazing blend of Computer vision and Video Game. In simple words I can say move you finger in front of camera and just drive the car as show in the following gif


I know you want play too !!!


Python libraries that are required by the project are given in the
Apart from it if you have Pycharm that would be great but not mandatory.


  1. Clone this repository
    git clone

  2. Open the file either in PyCharm or other IDE

  3. Now open a terminal in the current directory and run python

Remember Don't close the game Window only minimize it

  1. Now open Another terminal in the same directory and run python

Remember Don't close this window only minimize it if you want to close it press 'q'

  1. This is the last step, but the most important step. If you have followed me till now you have
    got two different window one which shows camera feed, and the one which show the game. Now place
    these two window side by side and click on the game window. If you don't click on game
    window your camera feed will freeze.
    Note In the following gif, when my cursor is on the hand tracking window the camera feed freezes.
    So to avoid it move your cursor and click on the game window