Amazon Product Scraper

This is an Amazon Product Scraper built using scapy module of python


it scrape various things

  • Product Title
  • Product Image
  • Product Price
  • Product Rating
  • Product Description
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Brand
  • Product Colour

By default it scrapes Mobile Phones of 5 Pages from Amazon.
In case you want to change it to scrape other product, follow the instructions

  1. Open file /amazon_scraper/spiders/
  2. Chnage the urls list at line 16
  3. Update no_of_pages variable to change number of pages to be scraped

Execute Amazon Scraper

there are two ways to execute scraper

First one

you can directly execute file using shell

sh ./

Second one

you can execute the following command

scrapy crawl amazon_scraper -o ./data/data.json

It will create data.json file inside the data folder containing all the scraped data in JSON format and all the images will be saved in data/img/full folder.

Sample Data

Already fetched sample data is available in data folder


If data.json file doesn’t generate in proper format then just delete data.json file and img folder.
Now you good to go 😉


  • you have to install scrapy
  • you have to install pillow