This an API that will return a key-value pair of randomly generated UUID. Key will be a timestamp and value will be UUID. While the server is running, whenever the API is called, it return all the previous UUIDs ever generated by the API alongside a new UUID. The latest generated UUID is always at the top


  - Setup your virtual environment
  - Install required dependecies
  - You can run the project from app.py 

Downloaded Dependencies

  • Flask


  • (app.py) : This is where the API call is been made. it returns the data in a json format
  • (generator.py) : This contains a model class which oversees the (creation, reading and cleanup) of data in the database.
  • (database) : This is solely the sqlite database

Project Tree

├── app
│   ├── app.py
│   ├── database.sqlite
│   ├── generator.py


  • Simple interface via a concise set of functions
  • Easy to run using app.py
  • Few dependencies
  • Pure Python, runs on Python 3.6+
  • Cross platform, runs on Windows, Linux, macOS
  • Code quality is maintained via continuous integration and continous deployment

Tech Stack

Programming Languages: Python

Frame Work: Python FLASK

API Reference

localhost:5000/ # returns all generated UUIDs


For support, email [email protected]


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