This is an application that allows users to sign up/login then post pictures, get followers, follow other users, like and comment on posts as well as update their profile.


Neal Waga

User Stories

As a user of the application I should be able to:

  • Sign in / login to the application to start using.
  • Upload my pictures to the application.
  • See my profile with all my pictures.
  • Follow other users and see their pictures on my timeline.
  • Like a picture and leave a comment on it.


Behaviour Input Output
Admin Authentication On demand Access Admin dashboard
User Authentication On demand, verify emails before proceeding Access Admin dashboard
Display all images with comments and likes Home page Clickable links to open any images in a modal
Display single images on modal On click All details should be viewed
To add an image Through Admin dashboard and homepage Click on add and upload respectively
To edit image Through Admin dashboard Redirected to the image form details and editing happens
To delete an image Through Admin dashboard click on image object and confirm by delete button
To search Enter text in search bar Users can search by username
View other users profiles via story menu bar Click username on user stories navigation Users can view all images posted by any user
Comment on images Add comments below respective image Users can add comments on any image
Like images Add likes to an image Users can add likes to images they like

Technologies used

  • Python3
  • Django
  • Html5
  • Css3
  • Bootstrap4


The following command installs all the application requirements

pip freeze -r requirements.txt



or download the zip file from github.

After extracting the files,

  1. Navigate to the project folder

cd name_of_folder

  1. Creating a virtual environment

virtualenv virtual

  1. Activating the virtual environment

source virtual/bin/activate

  1. Running the application

python3 runserverserver

  1. Running tests

python3 test.



For any collaborations, reach me on [email protected]


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