Pip Sala Bim is an assistant to guess your pip dependencies from your code, without using a requirements file.

Pip Sala Bim will tell you which packages you need to install to satisfy the dependencies of your project. It uses a simple AST visitor for detecting imports and PyPIContents to search which packages contain these imports.

Getting started


The pipsalabim program is written in python and hosted on PyPI. Therefore, you can use pip to install the stable version:

$ pip install --upgrade pipsalabim

If you want to install the development version (not recomended), you can install directlty from GitHub like this:

$ pip install --upgrade https://github.com/CollageLabs/pipsalabim/archive/master.tar.gz


pipsalabim is really easy to use. Go to your python project and execute it as follows to start guessing your dependencies:

$ cd your-python-project/
$ pipsalabim report --help

usage: pipsalabim report [-h] [-r]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help          show this help message and exit
  -r, --requirements  Format output for requirements.txt file.

You need to run "pipsalabim update" before being able to generate a report.