Beanie - is an Asynchronous Python object-document mapper (ODM) for MongoDB, based on Motor and Pydantic.

When using Beanie each database collection has a corresponding Document that is used to interact with that collection. In addition to retrieving data, Beanie allows you to add, update, or delete documents from the collection as well.

Beanie saves you time by removing boiler-plate code and it helps you focus on the parts of your app that actually matter.

Data and schema migrations are supported by Beanie out of the box.



pip install beanie


poetry add beanie


from typing import Optional
from pydantic import BaseModel
from beanie import Document, Indexed, init_beanie
import asyncio, motor

class Category(BaseModel):
    name: str
    description: str

class Product(Document):
    name: str                          # You can use normal types just like in pydantic
    description: Optional[str] = None
    price: Indexed(float)              # You can also specify that a field should correspond to an index
    category: Category                 # You can include pydantic models as well

# Beanie is fully asynchronous, so we will access it from an async function
async def example():
    # Beanie uses Motor under the hood 
    client = motor.motor_asyncio.AsyncIOMotorClient("mongodb://user:pass@host:27017")

    # Init beanie with the Product document class
    await init_beanie(database=client.db_name, document_models=[Product])

    chocolate = Category(name="Chocolate", description="A preparation of roasted and ground cacao seeds.")
    # Beanie documents work just like pydantic models
    tonybar = Product(name="Tony's", price=5.95, category=chocolate)
    # And can be inserted into the database
    await tonybar.insert() 
    # You can find documents with pythonic syntax
    product = await Product.find_one(Product.price < 10)
    # And update them
    await product.set({"Gold bar"})