An Automated udemy coupons scraper which scrapes coupons and autopost the result in blogspot post and notifies via Telegram bot


  • Blogger account and blog id
  • Telegram Bot API key and Your Telegram chat id to notify you and send results


    Before setup place Telegram bot API key, Telegram chat id and Blogger id in config.json file !

    How to get my Telegram bot api key ? – Telegram-bot api-key

    How to get your Telegram chat id ? – Telegram chat-id

    pip3 install requirements.txt

    Once Installed all the requirements, setup the easyblogger by below command

    easyblogger --blogid <yourblogid> get

    To get the blog id refer –

    This will open up a browser window that you use to authenticate with your google account

    Note : Authenticate the google account associated with blogger account

    you’re all set to use Easyblogger !


    This above file will scrape all the udemy course and coupons and it will post in blogger and it will send a copy of scraped results via Telegram bot !

    This can be hosted on a cloud server to run it automatically everyday !



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