Django Update Checker

This is small script for checking any new updates/bugfixes/security fixes released in django News & Events and sending corresponding notifications in MS teams configured channel, without any deployments or server hosting, we are using Scheduled events in github actions for this. this is similar to cron jobs in unix systems

How to use
  • Fork this repo
  • Go to actions page and enable actions on forked repo (it will be disabled by default in forked repo)
  • Get an incomming Teams webhook url. for reference, please check Teams Incomming Webhook URL
  • Add webhook URL as MS_TEAMS_WEBHOOK_URI in your cloned repos Settings --> Secrets. for reference, please check GitHub Secrets
Run Locally

Clone the project

  git clone [email protected]:prinzpiuz/django_update_checker.git

Install dependencies

  pip install -r requirements.txt

Start the server

  python --url <teams webhook url>
GitHub - prinzpiuz/django_update_checker at
An automatic django’s update checker and MS teams notifier - GitHub - prinzpiuz/django_update_checker at