An E-commerce StoreFront Application

A very robust storefront project. This is a well structured, designed implementation of an online e-commerce application that is currently built purely with Django Framework. This application has all models linked with the best practice using One2One, Many-2-One, Many-2-Many relationship and connecting separate apps using Generic Relationship.

The project is currently undergoing development with the aim of bringing rich features and ideas to uniquely identify Storefront.


  • Django 4.0 & Python 3.9
  • Install via Pipenv
  • User registration, login and logout (In Progress…)

The code style used for the project is PEP 8 — Style Guide for Python Code and Flake8: For Style Guide

Table of Contents


The application can be installed via Pipenv. To start,
clone the repo to your local computer and change into the proper directory.

$ git clone
$ cd Storefront

$ python3 -m venv Storefront
$ source Storefront/bin/activate
(Storefront) $ pipenv install sync
(Storefront) $ python migrate
(Storefront) $ python createsuperuser
(Storefront) $ python runserver
# Load the site at


# Run Migrations
(Storefront) $ python migrate

# Create a Superuser
(Storefront) $ python createsuperuser

# Confirm everything is working:
(Storefront) $ python runserver

# Load the site at


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