Vdo & Img Conversion Tools

This is a quick conversion tool made with python that can save you a lot of time. With this tool you can extract image sequence from video file and can also do the reverse!

How to use?

• Make sure you have python installed.

• Download this repository and run any one of the two python program (Vdo-to-Img.py or Img-to-Vdo.py)

• Click on “Yes” if a module not found error pops up so that it can automatically download the required module (OpenCV)

• When the module gets installed, the program will open.

• For Vdo-to-Img Converter, just choose the video by clicking the OPEN button and then choose the export format (jpg,png,bmp) and click the EXTRACT button. Each frame from the video file will be stored in a separate folder.

• For Img-to-Vdo Converter, choose the folder that contains the image sequence and choose the FPS and export format, then simply click the CONVERT button. The video will be created with the folder name.

• You can also use the ? button to switch between the application.

That’s all, thanks!


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