Note: This is a work-in-progress prototype, please treat it as such.

An easy-to-use library for emulating code in minidump files.


The example below opens test.dmp (download a copy here), allocates some memory and calls the decryption function at 0x140001000 to decrypt the string at 0x140003000:

from dumpulator import Dumpulator

dp = Dumpulator("test.dmp", trace=True)
temp_addr = dp.allocate(256)
dp.call(0x140001000, [temp_addr, 0x140003000])
decrypted = dp.read_str(temp_addr)
print(f"decrypted: '{decrypted}'")

The test.dmp is collected at the entry point of the tests/StringEncryptionFun example.

Collecting the dump

There is a simple plugin for x64dbg available in the MiniDumpPlugin folder (you can also download a precompiled binary in the releases). To use it you pause execution and execute the command MiniDump my.dmp.


From PyPI (latest release):

python -m pip install dumpulator

To install from source:

python setup.py install

Install for a development environment:

python setup.py develop



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