Stubmaker is an easy-to-use tool for generating python stubs.


  • Stubmaker is to be run under Python 3.7.4+
  • No side effects during module imports
  • Must contain __all__ (this restriction will be removed in upcomming releases)

How to install

pip install stubmaker
stubmaker --help

Usage example

Imagine you have a package with the following structure:


Contents of

__all__ = ['sleep_for']
from time import sleep

def some_decorator(func):
    return func

def sleep_for(amount: float) -> None:

There is a script that calls sleep_for method but passes wrong arguments:

from package import sleep_for

sleep_for(123, 123)

Due to dynamic nature of decorators static analysers (such as mypy) may not raise an error while checking the script:

>> mypy

Success: no issues found in 1 source file

Stubs exist to help you! Stubmaker will provide stubs for your package so that its users can find the error using mypy:

>> stubmaker --module-root package --src-root <path to package>/package --output-dir <path to package>/package
>> mypy error: Too many arguments for "sleep_for"
Found 1 error in 1 file (checked 1 source file)


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