This is an example of building a video Question-Answer system using Jina.

The index data is subtitle files of YouTube videos. After indexing, you can query with questions in natural langurage and retrieve the related video together with the timestamp that the corresponding answer appears.


pip install -r requirements.txt


By default, we index the subtitle file, toy-data/zvXkQkqd2I8.vtt

python app.py -m index

Query with questions,

python app.py -m query

To start the video UI, run the following codes and open http://localhost:3000/video/ in your browser.

git clone https://github.com/jina-ai/jina-ui.git
cd jina-ui
git checkout showcase-video-search
yarn install
yarn jinajs build
yarn showcases dev

How it works

The index flow is as below. The sentences are extracted from the subtitle file. The meta information of the sentences are stored in the LMDBStorage. In the other pathway, the sentences of the subtitles are encoded by the DPRTextEncoder and afterwards the result embeddings are stored in the SimpleIndexer.

The query flow is as shown below.

  1. The input query is a question which is encoded into embeddings by using DPRTextEncoder.
  2. The embedding of the query question is used to retrieve the sentences from SimpleIndexer.
  3. After retrieving the indexed sentences, we use MatchExpander to extend the questions so that the sentences from the neighboring timestamps are considered as candidate sentences as well.
  4. The candidate sentences retrieved from the above steps have no text or meta information. We retrieve the meta information from LMDBStorage.
  5. Rank the candidate sentences and extract the exact answers from the sentences by using DPRReaderRanker.
  6. Get the timestamp and video uri information about the answer candidates with Text2Frame

How to index my own data? [W.I.P.]

  1. download the subtitle files

youtube-dl --write-auto-sub --skip-download https://www.youtube.com/watch\?v\=zvXkQkqd2I8 -o data/zvXkQkqd2I8
  1. run the following

python app.py -m index -d data
python app.py -m query


GitHub - jina-ai/example-video-qa at pythonawesome.com
This is an example of building a video QA with jina - GitHub - jina-ai/example-video-qa at pythonawesome.com