An extremely simple python program that creates reddit accounts

(Note: it still needs the user to do the captcha)

Uses geckodriver (firefox) and HTTPS proxies

How to use

Download it/clone repo

extract file to a spare folder

open said folder and open a CMD in it

type pip3 install -r requirements.txt

and click enter

add HTTPS proxies to proxy.txt

open in a text editor/notepad and change your default email and default password. Save the file and then type in the command line py or python3

and it’ll run


1.Proxy or Tor implementation (done)

2.maybe make it faster?

3.putting the information of the account that was made into a text file Cancel changes (done)

4.(LAST ON MY LIST BECAUSE FUCK IT) auto captcha solver

Note: only tested and fixed for now, also very barebones


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