A Telegram Inline media searching robot without any database.


mediaBuddy is an inline media searching robot. If you have so many movie channels and you are searching for a 
particular movie in each and everywhere and spending your valuable time in this process, the bot is yours.
The bot can search inline in your movie chats and also can provide a link to your queried one, thus you can 
easily access the required media. Your perfect media buddy.

    ? When bot is deployed with a user session string, it will find all the groups and channels of the user.
    ? From the above, it sorts the movies channels and groups and make a master list for searching your queries.
    ? When you search a keyword as inline, the bot will search the same in the master list and gives the output.
    ? The output will be the file name with a hyper link to the original file.
    ? By clicking, you can easily migrate to the file location thus saves your valuable time in searching.
What to do

    ? Make an inline bot with Telegram Botfather.
    ? Deploy the bot local pc, VPS or in heroku.
    ? Join some movie channels.
    ? Search movies inline.
Mandatory Variables

? API_HASH        -   Your API Hash, get it from
? APP_ID          -   Your APP ID, get it from 
? BOT_TOKEN       -   Your bot token, get it from @BotFather
? TG_USER_SESSION -   Your session string (Generate for 'User', dont use any bot session)
Generate User Session

Click HERE to generate a user session string.

@BotFather Commands

start - Check Alive                     Usage: /start
view   - Vire the currents chats        Usage: /viewchats
update - Add a chat to the list         Usage: /update -100xxxxxxxxxx
delete - Remove chats from the list     Usage: /remove -100xxxxxxxxxx
Deploy Locally

  • Create a file with the Mandatory Variables mentioned above.
  • Refer for creating file. don’t miss any parameters
  • Open terminal and run the following commands.
  • git clone
  • cd mediaBuddy
  • Save the file in side the current working directory cloned.
  • Run the below commands in the same terminal window.

virtualenv -p python3 venv
. ./venv/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
Deploy Heroku


  • Presently document type is only supported.
  • Chance for getting heavy FloodWaits in searchMessages in case of massive number of media chats.

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