Inline-Tube-Mate (YouTube Downloader)

An Inline Telegram bot that can download YouTube videos with permanent thumbnail support

  • Bot need to be in Inline Mode
  • Search keyword inline (In bot chat).
  • Send a photo to bot to set custom thumbnail permanently.
  • The thumbnail will be in all the downloads until clear it in options.
  • View the custom thumbnail in option.
  • If no thumbnail available, bot will set the default YouTube video thumbnail in downloading.
  • If Authorized users are available, bot will serve to them only. If not, bot will be in public domain.

@BotFather Commands

  • start - Check alive
  • send - broadcast (As a reply to any message)
  • subs - Count active subscribers

Mandatory Variables

  • API_HASH Your API Hash from
  • API_ID Your API ID from
  • BOT_TOKEN Your bot token from @BotFather.
  • AUTH_USERS Create a list of User Ids to use this bot. (If kept empty, bot will be in public domain)
  • SUDO_USERS Create a list of Super User Ids to use this bot. (For Broadcasting )
  • DB_URI (Mandatory when deployed in local)

Deploy Locally

Create a database URI with the TUTORIAL

Create a with the above variables (Refer

git clone
cd inline-tube-mate
virtualenv -p python3 venv
. ./venv/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt