DadBot 2.0

DadBot 2.0 is an interactive bot that reflects the personality of a typical dad! You can start by running main while all directories are maintained as they are on this GitHub.

TO RUN: Extract files and run batch file, Python 3 must be installed! Script will install any remaining dependencies

Please be patient, multithreading has not been added! Process will halt entire application and window! (~ 5 seconds, especially if no commands are detected! Speak clearly!)

What can he do?

After pressing the “Talk to DadBot” button and hearing the sound to start speaking, you can…

  1. Ask him to tell you one of his infamous dad jokes! Any phrase with the word “joke” in it will do the trick!

    Example: “Tell me one of your dad jokes”

    BONUS: If you add the keywords: “programming”, “coding”, & “computer”, DadBot will reply with a tech-related joke! Example: “Tell me a programming joke”

  2. Ask him for life advice, and he will respond with an insightful quote.

    Example: “I need some life advice” or “Give me a quote”

  3. Ask him the weather in any city, and he will provide you a detailed description!

    Example: “What’s the weather like in Orlando?”

    Note: the key phrase here is “weather in (city)”

There is a dropdown on the top left where you can choose which dad takes the center stage as you speak with DadBot!

Note that processes do not currently run alongside each other, so you must wait for DadBot to complete your requests to change the profile picture of DadBot.

Secret: If you tell DadBot how you’re feeling, with a sentence starting as “I am”, (“I am very tired”), he responds with a not-so-clever joke 😉


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