AWS Interactive CLI

An interactive python script built on top of aws-vault Allows you to execute a complex AWS commands by chaining one or more other AWS CLI dependency


  • python

Select a profile: fi-staging
List of available EC2 Instances: 
 - i-abcinstance1
 - i-efginstance2
Enter the value: i-abcinstance1
Starting session with SessionId: 1213979597540752000-03ae7ab849677cfae
  • python

Select a profile: fi-poc

List of available ECS Clusters:
 - ContainerStack-ProjectClusterABC-abc123
 - ContainerStack-ProjectClusterEFG-efg456
Enter the value: ContainerStack-ProjectClusterEFG-efg456

List of available ECS Task Definitions: 
 - ContainerStackProjectTaskDefinition731D7411:22
Enter the value: ContainerStackProjectTaskDefinition731D7411:22

List of available EC2 Subnets:
- subnet-abc3a0bd35b411111
- subnet-abc3a0bd35b422222
- subnet-abc3a0bd35b433333
Enter the value: subnet-abc3a0bd35b422222e

Enter the script you want to execute e.g. php artisan migrate: php artisan cache:clear


  • Tested on Python 3.5 and up
  • working aws-vault


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