TMOHS1 Root Utility

License: GPL v3


An interactive python script that enables root access on the T-Mobile (Wingtech) TMOHS1, as well as providing several useful utilites to change the configuration of the device.


  • Root shell via telnet
  • Temporarily or pesistently enable ADB
  • Disable OMA-DM update bootstrap
  • On-device root FTP server to browse the filesystem
  • Mood lighting

What it doesn’t (yet?) feature

  • SIM unlock ?
  • SSH server installation
  • Other USB modes (though if you edit you can easily implement this)


Ensure you have Python >= 3.6 and pip installed then run:

pip -r requirements.txt

Or install the required libraries manually.


Connect to your hotspot’s network via USB tethering (recommended) or WiFi, then run:

python ./


  • Only tested on Linux so far, but it should work on other platforms, let me know your results.
  • Script assumes your hotspot’s IP is
  • Script assumes you have set a custom weblogin password, i.e. you have changed it from the default AdminXXXX
  • For the sake of your own experimentation, the script leaves an unauthenticated root FTP server running on the device but only once you enable it. When you are done browsing the filesystem, be sure to manually close it by running killall tcpsvd on the TMOHS1 as root, or simply reboot the device.


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