GNNLens2 is an interactive visualization tool for graph neural networks (GNN). It allows seamless integration with deep graph library (DGL) and can meet your various visualization requirements for presentation, analysis and model explanation. It is an open source version of GNNLens with simplification and extension.



You can install Flask-CORS with

pip install -U flask-cors

Installation for the latest stable version

pip install gnnlens

Installation from source

If you want to try experimental features, you can install from source as follows:

git clone
cd GNNLens2/python
python install

Verifying successful installation

Once you have installed the package, you can verify the success of installation with

import gnnlens

# 0.1.0


We provide a set of tutorials to get you started with the library:


HKUST VisLab: Zhihua Jin, Huamin Qu

AWS Shanghai AI Lab: Mufei Li, Wanru Zhao (work done during internship), Jian Zhang,

SMU: Yong Wang