This is an interactive website that tracks, models and predicts COVID-19 Cases.
The website is updated daily.
We are using the John Hopkins DataSet that can be found at:


Pyhton 3.7 or above

Installation of the packages

It is highly recommended that you create a virtual environment dedicated to this project.

  1. cd into the project directory
  2. Run the command python -m venv dashboard_venv to create the virtual environment
  3. Activate this virtual environment using one of the following commands
  4. Run pip install -U pip to upgrade pip to the latest version
  5. Run pip install wheel to install the wheel package, which helps install the other packages
  6. Run pip install -r requirements.txt to install all the necessary packages into this environment

Launching the dashboard

  1. cd into the project directory
  2. run python
  3. run python

Alt Text

Input the address, you should be able to see the dashboard.
If error messages occur, try refreshing the page.

Quick Overview of the Website

Alt Text


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