Introduction to Python

This is an introduction course for Python provided by VetsInTech.

For every “boot camp”, there usually is a pre-req, but because we have students from different points of a military career, this course will start at the very beginning.
Our target audience is for those with no programming experience so, please be patience!
We will give you the tools to learn, but you must think for yourself!
Programming is not a linear learning process where there is a definite answer to every question.
You may learn to solve a single problem 100 different ways!
Enjoy (and trust) the learning process.

What To Expect From Us

  • The content will be provided on a weekly basis
  • Daily exercises*
  • Weekly assignments
  • README with TLO/ELO*
  • Retrospectives
  • Afterhours
  • Weekend study sessions*

What We Expect

  • Cameras on
  • Participation
  • Weekly assignments
  • Attempt the exercises

What is a README?

“A README file contains information about other files in a directory or archive of computer software.” [Wikipedia]

In every folder of this course, you will have a README that will have a brief overview of what is being covered that day. It can serve as a timeline or a resource to prepare ahead of class.

We may not cover everything for each topic at a single given time. We may break up the content accordingly to the student’s learning pace.



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