This is an IP Pinger developed by invasion#1000! This tool allows you to enter an IP and check if its currently connected to a host. After you enter the IP, the console/terminal will say either “IP is online” or “IP is invalid/offline.” “IP is online” will be green and it means that IP is currently connected to something, “IP is invalid/offline” means that the IP is not currently connected or not a valid IP.

Contact Me:

Discord: invasion#1000
Discord Server:
Email: Releasing Soon

How To Use?

  • First unzip the downloaded file from github.
  • Double click the folder then double click the second folder.
  • Once you have done that you should see two files named “” and “” Ignore “” and direct yourself towards “”
  • In the directory type in “cmd” and click enter. Once you have done that you should be redirected to cmd prompt.
  • Once there type “python .py. If you haven’t changed your file name at all, the defualt should be “python”
  • Once there click enter, insert an IP, and run the code.