An MQA (Studio, originalSampleRate) identifier for “lossless” flac files written in Python.

About The Project

This project is a port of the awesome C++ project MQA_identifier by @purpl3F0x and mqaid by redsudo.

Getting Started



  1. Clone the repo

    git clone && cd MQA-identifier-python
  2. Install the requirements

    pip3 install -r requirements.txt


python3 "path/to/flac/files"

Found 11 FLAC files to check
#	Encoding				Name
1	NOT MQA					22. letzter song.flac
2	NOT MQA					23. judy.flac
3	MQA Studio 96kHz		01. Algorithm.mqa.flac
4	MQA Studio 48kHz		02. The Dark Side.mqa.flac
5	MQA Studio 96kHz		03. Pressure.mqa.flac
6	MQA Studio 48kHz		04. Propaganda.mqa.flac
7	MQA Studio 96kHz		05. Break It to Me.mqa.flac
8	MQA Studio 96kHz		06. Something Human.mqa.flac
9	MQA Studio 96kHz		07. Thought Contagion.mqa.flac
10	MQA Studio 96kHz		08. Get up and Fight.mqa.flac
11	MQA Studio 44.1kHz		09. Blockades.mqa.flac


Pull requests are welcome.

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