This is a Pytorch implementation of DLinear: “Are Transformers Effective for Time Series Forecasting?“.


Beside DLinear, we provide five significant forecasting Transformers to re-implement the results in the paper.

Detailed Description

We provide all experiment script files in ./scripts:

Files Interpretation
EXP-LongForecasting Long-term Time Series Forecasting Task
EXP-LookBackWindow Study the impact of different look-back window size
EXP-Embedding Study the impact of different embedding strategies

This code is simply build on the code base of Autoformer. We appreciate the following github repos a lot for their valuable code base or datasets:

The implementation of Autoformer, Informer, Transformer is from https://github.com/thuml/Autoformer

The implementation of FEDformer is from https://github.com/MAZiqing/FEDformer

The implementation of Pyraformer is from https://github.com/alipay/Pyraformer

Getting Started

Environment Requirements

First, please make sure you have installed Conda. Then, our environment can be installed by:

conda create -n DLinear python=3.6.9
conda activate DLinear
pip install -r requirements.txt

Data Preparation

You can obtain all the nine benchmarks from Google Drive provided in Autoformer. All the datasets are well pre-processed and can be used easily.

mkdir dataset

Please put them in the ./dataset directory

Training Example

  • In scripts/ , we provide the model implementation Dlinear/Autoformer/Informer/Transformer
  • In FEDformer/scripts/, we provide the FEDformer implementation
  • In Pyraformer/scripts/, we provide the Pyraformer implementation

For example:

To train the DLinear on Exchange-Rate dataset, you can use the scipt scripts/EXP-LongForecasting/DLinear/exchange_rate.sh:

sh scripts/EXP-LongForecasting/DLinear/exchange_rate.sh

It will start to train DLinear, the results will be shown in logs/LongForecasting.

All scripts about using DLinear on long forecasting task is in scripts/EXP-LongForecasting/DLinear/, you can run them in a similar way. The default look-back window in scripts is 96, DLinear generally achieves better results with longer look-back window as dicussed in the paper. For instance, you can simpy change the seq_len (look-back window size) in scripts to 336 to obtain better performance.

Scripts about look-back window size and long forecasting of FEDformer and Pyraformer is in FEDformer/scripts and Pyraformer/scripts, respectively. You can run them in a similar way.

Each experiment in scripts/EXP-LongForecasting/DLinear/ takes 5min-20min. For other Transformer scripts, since we put all related experiments in one script file, directly running them will take 8 hours-1 day. You can keep the experiments you interested in and comment out the others.

DLinear Weights Visualization

As shown in our paper, the weights of DLinear can reveal some charateristic of the data, i.e., the periodicity. We provide the weight visualization of DLinear in weight_plot.py. To run the visualization, you need to input the model path (model_name) of DLinear (the model directory in ./checkpoint by default).


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