Project Glow

Greetings, I see you have stumbled upon project glow. Project glow is an open source bot worked on by many people to create a
good and safe moderation bot for all. Adding to the bot is simple!

First create a fork of the bot by clicking on the fork button in the top right coner.

Then, create a clone by installing git into your pc. After this is done and setup, run

git clone

in whatever directory you wish to work on the bot. This will add all of the code into your pc.

Make sure to hook up your own bot token to test out the bot…

Once this is done and you have added changes you think can benifit the bot, go ahead and run

git add .

in the directory the bot is located in.

After this run

git commit -m "put what ever work you did here"

once this is done you have on last step to do.

Lastly, run

git push

and then go to the github fork you created and click on the contribute button to create a pull request where I will be able to accept or deny the changes!


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