Opps - Open Platform Publishing System

An Open Source Content Management for the magazine websites and high-traffic, using the Django Framework.

Opps is a platform or toolkit to build a CMS developed with Django, accompanies many packages that aim to meet the need of major content portals. Furthermore the Opps has a flexible structure for creating new apps.


  • Written in Django
  • Container manager (container is content type in Opps CMS)
  • Save draft and and preview
  • Dynamic custom field, add field in specific container
  • WYSIWYG editors (more than one option)
  • Container Box manager (Custom channel home page, add dynamic/fix box)
  • Channel organization via tree structure (via mptt, unlimited levels)
  • Media file manager, default manager images
  • Multi upload
  • User permission in Admin, manager site access on admin
  • Configurable dashboard (used grappelli admin theme)
  • API for custom container types
  • Search engine
  • Multi-Site (for real)
  • SEO friendly URLs and meta data
  • Mobile detect
  • JVM compatible (via Jython)
  • .NET Framework compatible (via IronPython)
  • Opps’s admin (used Django Grappelli) interface works with all modern browsers.


Opps makes use of as few libraries as possible (apart from a standard Django environment), with the following dependencies

  • Python 2.7
  • Django >=1.5
  • Python Imaging Library - for image resizing
  • South - for database migrations
  • Django Taggit
  • Django Mptt