Decentra Network Core (0.5.0-alpha)

Develop or use applications in your independent, decentralized application network.

Decentra Network is an open source blockchain that combines speed, security and decentralization. Decentra Network has very high speeds, scalability, asymptotic security and complete decentralization. The main features of Decentra Network are:

  • Less than 7 Seconds block time (Confirmation Time)
  • Low size (~20mb per 1m user)
  • 10k+ transactions per second
  • Low Transaction Fee
  • Custom and low cost Token, NTF etc. Creation system (Scheduled Feature)
  • Usability even on mobile devices
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Asymptotic security against Sybil attacks (51 Attack)
  • Completely decentralized structure
  • Official community officers supported in-chain
  • In-chain developer incentives
  • Built-in application structure
  • Custom wallet system

The software is written in PEP8 format and only needs dependent libraries for GUI panel. Decentra Network Core software, designed with a focus on the community on the Github platform, In addition, UNIT tests of some systems are ready and automated. It also has various structures for automatic setup of test environments. It is fully compatible with Git code management system and Agile methodology.

The Decentra-Network Core has 4 control areas:


The GUI was made with kivy and some auxiliary libraries to be cross platform. It was intended to be useful with a minimalist design.The GUI, which has a useful structure, is ready for additions and changes.

The GUI has a total of 4 pages.




CLI Menu

The CLI Menu panel is designed to be useful.


CLI Arguments

The CLI Arguments panel is designed to make some adjustments quickly and in multiple ways.



It has been developed to make web api control easier and to provide control by other languages and other systems.