This is my first ever bot! And I’d like to make it free so anyone can use, contribute, and learn from it, this bot is a major learning experience for me, and I hope it can help others out!


arguements surrounded by []‘s are required fields, () are optional fields

  • rand [length] [dType]
    • length: Amount of numbers to generate.
    • dType: The data type must be ‘uint8’ (returns integers between 0–255), ‘uint16’ (returns integers between 0–65535) or hex16 (Currently not working).
    • Description: This command functions similar to how the RanInt# function works on a standard scientific calculator. However this uses quantum computing to generate ‘true’ random integers (Check ANU QRNG attached resource).
  • ip [IP Address]
    • IP Address: IP Address you wish to lookup.
    • Description: Provides IP Address information in a nice embed format.
  • ping
    • Description: returns the bot’s latency in miliseconds rounded.


  • Created the rand command along with the ping command ~ 6/11/2021 (DD/MM/YYYY).
  • Created the ip command ~ 10/11/2021 (DD/MM/YYYY)


  • Random numbers are based on the ANU QRNG API.


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