Through a simple object-oriented python API, Perceval provides tools for building a circuit with linear optics components, defining single-photon source, manipulating Fock states, running simulation, reproducing published experimental papers and experiment new generation of quantum algorithms. It aims to be a companion tool for developing photonics circuits

  • while simulating on their design, modeling their ideal and real-life behaviour, and proposing a normalized interface
  • to control them through the concept of backends.

Perceval has been developed as a complete toolkit for physicists and quantum computational students, researchers and practitioners.

Key Features

  • Powerful Circuit designer making use of predefined components
  • Simple python API and powerful simulation backends optimized in C
  • Misc technical utilities to manipulate State Vector, Unitary Matrices, and circuit Parameters
  • Transversal tools for visualization compatible with notebooks or local development environments
  • Works numerically and symbolically
  • Modular architecture welcoming contributions from the community


Perceval requires:

  • Python 3.6 or above

We recommend installing it with pip:

pip install --upgrade pip
pip install perceval-quandela

or simply from github:

git clone
python install # [or 'develop' for developpers]

Documentation and Forum


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