rpi – rolimon’s python interaction

rpi is an open source python-based rolimon’s api wrapper. It provides an end-to-end pipeline in which each component can be easily modified to get item, user, and game statistics. rpi also allows rolimon’s api to be parsed with ease and includes data extraction and interpretation models, provided by rolimon’s private api.

Table of Contents


To pip install rpi from github:

pip install git+https://github.com/AcierP/rpi.git


Getting an item’s value

import rpi
value = rpi.getValue(21070012)

Getting the item attributes to every item on the catalog

import rpi
itemdata = []

catalog = rpi.getlimitedsCatalog(format='id')

catalogatrributes = rpi.getitemAttributes(catalog))

Getting the value, demand, acronym, trend, projected status, and hyped status of an item

import rpi
details = rpi.getitemAttributes(21070012)

itemattributes = details['name'], details['acronym'], details['value'], details['demand'], details['trend'], details['projected'], details['hyped'])