? SyneziaRaffles

An open source raffle bot made to increase the chance of winning limited sneaker raffles by automating entries.


?‍♂️ Quick Start

Prerequisites: Python 3 + PIP and Git

clone/fork SyneziaRaffles

git clone https://github.com/iSnkh/SyneziaRaffles

install and start SyneziaRaffles

cd SyneziaRaffle
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python srcs/run.py

? Links

? Build

You need to install PyInstaller & PyArmor before

# PYFIGLET PATH: path to pyfiglet directory
# RANDOM UA PATH: path to random user agent directory
# ICO PATH: path to your logo in .ico
# NAME: name of the executable 

pyarmor pack --clean -e '--onefile --hidden-import pyfiglet --add-data {PYFIGLET PATH} --add-data {RANDOM UA PATH} --icon {ICO PATH}' srcs/main.py --name {NAME}

An example, i use that to compile the Client.
The folder libs contains source code of random_user_agent and pyfiglet

pyarmor pack --clean -e '--onefile --hidden-import pyfiglet --add-data "./libs/pyfiglet;./pyfiglet" --add-data "./libs/random_user_agent;./random_user_agent" --icon icon.ico' srcs/main.py --name SyneziaRaffle

? P.S.

SyneziaRaffles was a free software in beta that helped to checkout more than 1000+ pairs. The best modules was FootLocker App, TheBrokenArm and NakedCPH.

The code is really bad, i have started to learn Python in December 2020 and i have release Synezia the 4 February 2021.

I release it now, because when i started to make my own Sneakers Bot i haven’t found how to do it like how to compile exe, how to deal with requests. The code is really outdated, i advice you to not use it but take a look to learn. It missing some stuffs like Server (License System) and Monitors

For any commercial purpose feel free to reach me using Twitter, by email at [email protected] or using discord seith#0001