Owersite is an open-source script written in python just for fun. It doesn’t have too many features but in my free time i’ll work on script and i’ll add new features, ofcourse you can download project and you can change it as much as you want and if you have better idea how should some features work you can fork project and i’ll be happy to see new ideas.


Current features of project, in future i’ll add more features to make project better and more funnier!

✔️ Opening any website by url
✔️ Moveing cursor to random positions on screen
✔️ Spam clicking left and right mouse button clicks
✔️ Spamming sentences and spamming enter button on keyboard
✔️ Change background


Use the package manager pip to install pyautogui module. That is the only module that you should install through cmd/terminal.

pip install pyautogui
pip install requests


pip install -r requirements.txt


To run script you need to open cmd/terminal and write following command

python app.py


Script is made only for fun and I (author of project AKA charon) am not responsible for any possible harming changes that people might add by forking project. Run other forks on your own risk!

Author’s message

This script is made to be fun just like the person which responds to the pseudonym owersite. Be funny like owersite!