Open source spiderman meme

Haha spiderman make a presentation lol

Install gimp

This meme requires gimp, install through

chmod +x && ./

Alternativley, Install gimp through flatpak

wget ""
flatpak install org.gimp.GIMP.flatpakref

Load the meme in GIMP and edit however you wish.

Build the meme using GIMP

Clone the repository and load the meme into gimp

git clone
cd openSourceSpidermanMeme

Open the meme by going in your cmdline and typing gimp open\ source\ meme.xcf
Export your changes via File -> Export -> Choose Location -> Save

Build the meme using make

Install ImageMagick 7:

chmod +x && ./ -m

This installs ImageMagick 7 using pacman on Arch and derivatives or imei on other distros.

Then, build the meme using make:

make # or make meme

Post to Reddit

First, install python3 and pip3 (if they aren’t installed already). Then, install praw:

pip3 install praw

Or use the installer:

chmod +x && ./ -p

Then you can create the post using make:

make post

By default this posts the meme to r/linuxmemes. To post to a different subreddit set the SUBREDDIT variable:

make post SUBREDDIT=windowsmemes # posts to r/windowsmemes




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