An unofficial opensource Pokemon cursor theme for Windows and Linux.

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Cursor Sizes

22 24 28 32 40 48 56 64 72 80 88 96


#FFCB05 #3C5AA6 #0070B6 #000000 #ffffff

Quick install


Check Figma file for .svg files.

Pokemon Cursors

Manual Install

Note: replace name according package name.


# extract `Pokemon.tar.gz`
tar -xvf Pokemon.tar.gz

# For local users
mv Pokemon ~/.icons/

# For all users
sudo mv Pokemon /usr/share/icons/


  1. unzip Pokemon-Windows.zip file
  2. Open Pokemon-Windows/ in Explorer, and right click on install.inf.
  3. Click ‘Install’ from the context menu, and authorize the modifications to your system.
  4. Open Control Panel > Personalization and Appearance > Change mouse pointers, and select Pokemon Cursors.
  5. Click ‘Apply‘.



# From local users
rm -rf ~/.icons/Pokemon

# From all users
sudo rm -rf /usr/share/icons/Pokemon


  1. Go to Registry Editor by typing the same in the start search box.
  2. Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder and expand Control Panel folder.
  3. Go to Cursors folder and click on Schemes folder – all the available custom cursors that are installed will be listed here.
  4. Right Click on the name of cursor file you want to uninstall; for eg.: Pokemon Cursors and click Delete.
  5. Click ‘yes‘ when prompted.


External Libraries

  • libxcursor
  • libx11
  • libpng (<=1.6)

Install External Libraries


brew install --cask xquartz
brew install libpng
sudo apt install libx11-dev libxcursor-dev libpng-dev
sudo pacman -S libx11 libxcursor libpng
Fedora/Fedora Silverblue/CentOS/RHEL
sudo dnf install libX11-devel libXcursor-devel libpng-devel

Build Dependencies

Node Packages

PyPi Packages

Build From Scratch

Auto Build (using GitHub Actions)

GitHub Actions is automatically runs on every push(on main and dev branches) and pull request(on main branch), You found theme resources in artifact section of build.GitHub Actions source is available inside .github/workflows directory.

Manual Build

Check Makefile for more targets.


Build XCursor theme

make unix

Customize XCursor size

make unix X_SIZES=22            # Only built '22px' pixel-size.
make unix X_SIZES=22 24 32      # Multiple sizes are provided with  ' '(Space)

Install XCursor theme

make install            # install as user
  # OR
sudo make install       # install as root

Build Windows theme

make windows

Customize Windows Cursor size

make windows WIN_SIZE=96            # Supports only one pixel-size

For installation follow these steps.


Bugs should be reported here on the Github issues page.

Getting Help

You can create a issue, I will help you. ?


Check CONTRIBUTING.md, any suggestions for features and contributions to the continuing code masterelopment can be made via the issue tracker or code contributions via a Fork & Pull requests.