OBBDetection is an oriented object detection library, which is based on MMdetection.


OBBDetection is an oriented object detection toolbox modified from MMdetection v2.2.

Major features

  • MMdetection feature inheritance

    OBBDetection doesn't change the structure and codes of original MMdetection and the additive codes are under MMdetection logic. Therefore, our OBBDetection inherits all features from MMdetection.

  • Support of multiple frameworks out of box

    We implement multiple oriented object detectors in this toolbox (e.g. RoI Transformer, Gliding Vertex). Attributing to moudlar design of MMdetection, Many parts of detectors (e.g. backbone, RPN, sampler and assigner) have multiple options.

  • Flexible representation of oriented boxes

    Horizontal bounding boxes (HBB), oriented bounding boxes (OBB) and 4 point boxes (POLY) are supported in this toolbox. The program will confirm the type of bounding box by the tensor shape or the default setting.

We develop BboxToolkit to support oriented bounding boxes operations, which is heavily depended on by this toolbox.


This project is released under the Apache 2.0 license.

Benchmark and model zoo

Results and models are available in the model zoo.

Supported backbones:

  • ResNet
  • ResNeXt
  • VGG
  • HRNet
  • RegNet
  • Res2Net

Supported oriented detection methods:

Supported horizontal detection methods:


Please refer to install.md for installation and dataset preparation.

Get Started

Oriented models training and testing

If you want to train or test a oriented model, please refer to oriented_model_starting.md.

How to use MMDetection

If you are not familiar with MMdetection, please see getting_started.md for the basic usage of MMDetection. There are also tutorials for finetuning models, adding new dataset, designing data pipeline, and adding new modules.


We refered S2ANet and AerialDetection when develping OBBDetection.

This toolbox is modified from MMdetection. If you use this toolbox or benchmark in your research, please cite the following information.

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